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Actions required in case of system degradation

Report any malfunction or deviation in relation with the altitude keeping capability and any failure of the required equipment for RVSM as soon as possible to the operator or your maintenance facility. Provide sufficient details to enable maintenance to troubleshoot and repair the system.

The operator should report within 72 hours to the LBA height keeping occurrence when it exceeds:

These errors, caused by equipment failures or operational errors, may lead the responsible authority to suspend or revoke the Airline RVSM approval. It is therefore important for the airline to report any poor height keeping performance and to indicate the corrective actions that are taken.


RVSM above FL 290 is expected to become a standard feature in many regions beyond the end of the year 2000. Its introduction follows many years of extensive international collaboration and research which resulted in the conclusion that such a reduction in vertical separation could occur without imposing over-demanding technical and operational requirements. However, it cannot be introduced to any airspace unless all concerned with such introduction are content that it can be applied safely and all those engaged in aeroplane operation are competent to operate in accordance with the appropriate procedures.

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