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Approval Process



To operate within a RVSM airspace, the operator must obtain an operational approval from its national authorities.

(As indicated in ICAO Doc 7030, an RVSM approval is not restricted to a specific region. Instead, it is valid globally on the understanding that any operating procedures specific to a given region, in this case the EUR region, should be stated in the operations manual or appropriate crew guidance.)

To achieve this goal the applicant will need to show that the following subjects have been addressed:




Required Equipment

RVSM Modification has been successfully implemented and the equipment standard is adequate.

The aircraft mean Altimetry System Error (ASE) must be better than 80ft and the mean ASE + 3 times its standard deviation, taking into account unit to unit variability and effect of environmental conditions must not exceed 200ft. The autopilot must be capable to keep the selected altitude within 65ft under no turbulent, no gust conditions. The "soft altitude hold" mode still satisfies RVSM requirements.

Minimum Required Equipment for RVSM is:

The rate of undetected failures of the altimetry system must not exceed 10-5 per flight hours. The statement of RVSM capability is indicated in the AFM.

Continued Airworthiness Requirements

The Maintenance program has been reviewed for RVSM according Manufacturers requirements and Maintenance documentation (Maintenance Planning Guide) has been amended in accordance with the LBA.



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