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Procedures for the implementation of PBN requirements in Germany


According to No 2.3 of the NFL 2-376-17 a record of the successful demonstration of competency in PBN has to be entered in the pilot’s logbook or an equivalent document by the examiner, if the pilot has completed training (in theory and practice) and has passed either a skill test or a proficiency check. Pilots who have received adequate theoretical and practical PBN training in the past will be deemed to have fulfilled the PBN theoretical and practical training requirements.

Auszug aus der NfL:

Nach dem 25. August 2020 müssen PBN-Rechte Bestandteil jeder Instrumentenflugberechtigung sein. Instrumentenflugberechtigungen ohne PBN-Rechte sind ab diesem Datum nicht mehr gültig.



This CBT Course Content is based on the Swiss FOCA "IR PBN Oral Examination Guide"